Another fabulous week

We have ended the week celebrating that we have learnt a lot about place value and through that knowledge being able to add 3 digit numbers together using column or expanded addition. We are going to continue practising this week and start to think about how to takeaway as well. Check out our maths page to see how to do the methods.

In literacy we have been writing and performing poems then being inspired by two animations to write a story. The first, about a rock, we have only planned and will write next week. Can you remember which parts of the story you have chosen to write about? Watch the video below to remind yourself. Remember a really good description of the scene and what happens will make a great story.

After writing poems inspired by the sea it reminded me of a pixar animation. 3EC loved it so much they wanted to write a story inspired by the animation. So they have all independently planned and written a story this afternoon. Next week, during independent learning I look forward to  listening to their stories and helping them improve them. I have reminded the class that as expected they will have to work quietly on their own work so I can get to each child in the class.

Here is what inspired them


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