Giant Money

We’ve had a busy first week back after half term. We started the week learning about Halloween, Diwali and Day of the Dead and then started talking about stone giants.

If there was a stone giant in Brockwell Park how would you trap him?

Learnt how to by following some instructions. Ask anyone in 3EC how to trap a stone giant and they will be able to tell you.

We learnt that some instructions have an introduction helps you to identify whether the instructions are needed. These introductions are great if you have a good question.

After learning how to trap a stone giant we heard there were goblins to trap. 3EC teams created some goblins and then planned out how they would trap them.

In maths we have been learning how to do inverse operations to help us work out if a sum is correct.

E.g If we were given 15 sweets and a goblin came along and said he took 7. We had 8 sweets left.

So we know     15 – 7 = 8

To check he was telling the truth we would do the inverse sum 8+ 7 = 15.

We have also been going to the shop and working out how much change we would need when we had £1.

Here’s some videos to help explain



In between all of that we have been to the media suite to learning to create and save work and look at the book club website. We have all got logins which I have put up in the class for the children to get. They can then have their own bookshelf. Take a look at the website this weekend to see how many of the books you have read!

Welcome to the Rosendale Book Club

Finally we have started a new book by Anne Fine – Bills New Frock  and spent then afternoon learning what it takes to improve by drawing our recorders.

Please remember them on Monday and your own reading book for reading first thing.

Have a great weekend


Miss Conner

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