How to…

We ended this week by writing our own instructions of how to trap an insect. We then all evaluated our work and thought about what we were proud of and what our own next step would be. Here are some great efforts!



We returned to the ICT suite to learn how to find our work from last week finish it and save it.

Chapter 1 of Bills New Frock has been read and we have had some great discussions over the story and new words that we found. Here are some haphazardly, scrabbled, dismay. Can you try and fit them into a sentence this weekend?

In maths although we will be consolidating addition and subtraction we have moved on to multiplication and division. Please check out our updated maths page to find the learning targets for this unit. This week we revised the 3x tables and looked at their inverse sum division. We organised some diagrams to explain division and then had a go in our books.





To help us learn our 3x tables without using our fingers and their relating division facts we came up with our own games. We need to finish these so await this space to see the results. We decided the only way to learn them is to practise them. The same goes for spellings… Get practising! Let’s see how a little practise everyday makes a difference.

Have a great weekend! Remember reading books for Monday and recorders.

Miss Conner

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