Stone Age Workshop

Here is an outline of our action packed workshop tomorrow. Please remember to bring in your £4.50 if you haven’t already. Just to remind you the money go towards paying for the actor and all the resources he brings on the day.

Many thanks

9.15 – We start with an introduction to the Stone Age and look at climate, geography, human species and animals. We then split for fact finding quiz, looking at stone tools and other Stone Age artefacts.
 11:15   We hunt a mammoth, learn about cave art, talk about extinction and move into the Mesolithic and hunting with bow and arrow. There games during this section to give the children a visual aid to some of the difficult concepts. We end the morning with the Neolithic and the introduction of farming.
1.15 In the afternoon we look at Stonehenge, move into the bronze and then split for two activities. One group will look at Iron Age weapons and armour the other group with do the second part of the quiz. We end the day with a visual timeline made by using the children.

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