Some times we just have to prove it! We started are week in Maths looking at word problems involving multiplication and division such as, the one below.

There are 28 monkeys in the Zoo and 4 cages. How many monkeys in each cage?

By the end of the week we were making sure we could explain why something was right or wrong by proving it. For example, Lucy has 24 chocolate buttons. She wants 4 on each cake and thinks she has enough for 7 cakes. Is she right or wrong?

We have been proving it by drawing out numberlines, arrays or bars.


In literacy we have continued to learn about speech and the punctuation that we need as well as contractions, questions and exclamation marks! The book we are reading, Black Dog, has many great examples.

Today we started to look at improving our sentences by adding in interesting verbs. We collected some great examples such as, scuttled and darted. These were used to change the verb ran in a sentence to improve the sentence.

How many interesting verbs can you find in the book your reading? Think about all the different ways you move this weekend. What verb would you use to describe the movement?

How do you say things? shout? whisper?

How many contractions do you hear different people say?

Are there any funny conversations you hear? Can you write them down using speech?

Finally, if you go to the shop and by something for less than £1.00. Can you work out the change that you would get? Many of us found it tricky to remember what to do to work it out in our independent learning this week.
Look back on the blog to see our fantastic stone age!

Have a fabulous weekend,

Miss Conner


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