Spring has arrived early…maybe

Scientist have appeared in 3EC this week as the children have enjoyed testing ideas around what plants need to grow. We learnt that their were 5 things that plants needed to grow. We created some actions to help us remember them. If you see a member of our class see whether they can remember them! To test whether this was correct we  learnt that we need to do a control pot where the seeds had these things. We called this the control pot. Then, in our new teams we decided what idea we would test changing one thing only.

Here are some pictures of our test pots on the first day.



We also learnt about the transportation of water up through the roots and stems of a plant. To test this idea we have placed some celery in water with food colouring in. We look forward to seeing the results on Monday.


In maths we have started to learn how to use the grid method to work out more complex questions. Here is the method. (sorry for the direction)


Just a reminder we start music again on Monday. All recorders are in the classroom. Could you please try and get here by 8.55 as our lesson should start at 9am.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Conner


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