A flower to a seed. How long does that take?

Oh and do you have dragon who can help?

Can you tell what we have been learning about?

Having learnt so much already about the different parts of a flowering plants and how pollen gets from one plant to another we continued to think about how seeds get into the ground. We worked together as a team to think of different ways by just looking at pictures of the seeds. Then after an attempt we learnt a little more information which helped us to group them.


Then we finally thought about the ongoing life cycle of a flowering plant.

So no dragons don’t help but we have been finding out about a strange dragon through reading what we now know as a non chronological report. We have delved into our own imaginary world where dragons exist and thought a great way to learn how to write a non chronological piece of writing would be to write about another dragon.

Here are some sketches that we did.


In maths we have been learning about time. I wonder how many clocks you see over the weekend and how many times you check your clock. Well see if a member of our class can help you.

Maybe they can explain why these posters have helped us…


Here is a video I have found to recap on some of the crucial things anyone must know to tell the time.

Telling the Time on an Analogue Clock

Finally, we have been thinking about the starting points to painting a great portrait.

First we made some silly portraits as a team…

Then we learnt how to draw features of a face. Here are table 5’s great efforts…

Have a great weekend,

Miss Conner


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