End of day

At the end of today had to have a discussion with the class about being safe at home time.

  • The importance of shaking my hand and saying goodbye, point out and telling me who they are going home with.
  • Only going home with the person they know are picking them up and if they are unsure staying with me to make a call home to find out.
  • Making their way straight through the hall to after school club.
  • If they are suppose to go to a club staying with me until either an adult comes to get them or I take them.
  • We also talked about why they have to do this and the importance of staying safe.

My apologies that this over ran and therefore, were late, but I hope you can understand how important the discussion was.

A reminder to parents. If you know normal arrangements for the end of the day are going to change please let me know either by writing it on the form outside the classroom. Emailing or ringing the office, (info@rosendale.cc, who will pass on the information) or emailing myself.

Thank you for your support,

Miss Conner


Miss Conner.

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