Other than all the books…

Other than all the book week events, our creative afternoon and the start to our one world project we have continued to look at onomatopoeia’s and making up phrases to describe sounds we hear at home.

In Maths we have carried on learning about fractions.

What we do to find out a tenth of an amount such as 34. Reminding our selves of what happens to a number when it is divided by 10 helped us. Look back at previous post or our Maths page to remind you. We have also been learning about adding two fractions together. Ask any member of 3EC to tell you why we don’t add together the denominator.

This weekend why not eat a pizza or slice up some fruit into equal pieces. What fraction of the slices will you eat? Keep reading and think about all the places in the world your family come from.

Have a great one,

Miss Conner

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