It’s getting closer and coming to an end.

Friday tomorrow, already? Wow what a speedy week.

In Maths we have had a go at doing lots of questions about fractions and found that we can all could forwards and backwards in fraction and most understand how to get 1/10 of a number but we have forgotten to get one part of a number/ amount when trying to work out more than one part.

It has helped many of us to remember by drawing out a block and dividing it into the denominator.

When we have to work out 3/5 of 30 we work out 1/5 first. In metacognition we have been thinking about visualisation. so visualise a cake and you have 30 smarties to put on. The cake is split into 5 pieces and each piece wants an equal amount. If you work out 1/5 first by dividing 30 by 5 = 6 then you can work out 3/5.

This might help explain it…


We have also been busy getting ready for our assembly. All the children have got words that have gone home to learn and if you can help with any costumes that would be wonderful. See the post below!


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