Designers in the making…

Over the past week, we have been thinking of the ingredients needed to make a great adventure story. We have been listening to Famous Five stories (some of which are in the Rosendale top 100) and a story called Sandy Cove.
Our stories at going to be featured in the Rosendale Magazine which will be published next term. It’s media week so we decided to use an app called Brushes and design our own front cover images for Sandy Cove. We looked at some of David Hockney’s amazing work before starting off. Await this space to see some of the work published!
In the mean time we’ve been planning our own stories. Below are some of the drawn plans we did to start.


We have also been learning a lot about lines and angles.

Watch this video and then see how many perpendicular and parallel lines you can see around you.


This week I also shared with the class that I was set a challenge that I couldn’t do on Monday. The challenge was to make an origami shirt. I was shown a video but it was to fast and I couldn’t keep up. 3EC watched the same video and also found it tricky to keep up. We discussed what could help us to complete the challenge. One of the ways we thought of was to find an easier version. The version below is the one we then watched. Many more of us were able to do it. Some of us need some more practise so I’m sharing it with you all. Can you do it? sit down together and have a go.



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