Music concert

On Monday the 3rd of July at 10:15am, we will be having our final mustirax concert of the year. It would be lovely to see you there if you can join us.


Sports Day

Sports Day is taking place on Friday at the Rosendale Road Playing Field. A reminder of the timings:

The Early Years and KS1 races commence at 10am,
KS2 children will arrive at the field for a picnic lunch at 12 noon,
KS2 races commence at 1pm.
Please ensure that your child comes into school in their PE kit and brings a water bottle.

A reminder that everyone is having a picnic lunch on the field. Harrisons will provide a packed lunch to all those who normally have a school lunch. Packed lunch children should bring their lunch as normal. I really hope that you are able to join us at the field.

Mr Cranston has suggested all year groups come into school in their PE kit.

Parents and carers are welcome to take their children home straight from the field however you must sign your child out with me first.

Calling people help tell stories

During the next academic year, we will be working with Elmgreen on creating The Great North Wood Education Trust Literature Festival (think of the Hay Festival) …we are looking for Authors, Illustrators, Publishers and Story tellers who would be willing to come into school to run workshops and speak in assemblies. If you are able to help, or know someone who would like to participate in the festival please contact Sarah Tyler.

AND…if you haven’t done it already…
If you cannot see our images, click view in browser
If you cannot see our images, click view in browser
If you cannot see our images, click view in browser

A little reminder…

Class Photographs – Wednesday 7 June
Just a reminder that the school photographer is coming into school on Wednesday to take our end of year class photo.  Please make sure your child is in school on time and in school uniform on Wednesday – thank you.
School is closed – Thursday 8 June
As the premises are being used as a Polling Station for the General Election, school is closed to all children on Thursday.

We guess you were wondering…

What we did you Monday?

3EC have been helping me write a blog post all about our trip…

On Monday, we went to the Museum of London to learn more about the Romans.

Before lunch, we went to the Roman gallery and looked at many things. There were different tools to make shoes, glass and carve wood. We also found out about how they made mosaics and food.

After lunch, we went to a workshop to look at artifacts from 2000 years ago. Each table got a different artifact to look at and feel. We had to try and work out what it was made from and what it was used for. Then we found out more about the objects. Some of the items we looked at were scrappers to clean yourself, oil lamps and broaches.

Finally we got to dress up Roman clothes. It was really fun! We saw what servants and the rich and wealthy got to wear.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came and big apologies for arriving back to school late. Our train was delayed as a train in front broke down.

Trip Information

Thank you to all for getting your letters back so quickly.

I have had lots of adults saying they would like to come.

Parents coming are:

Belen’s Mum, Shiloh’s Mum, Lyla – Rose’s Mum, Otone’s Dad, Dylan’s Dad, Thea’s Aunt.

I will put put a copy of the risk assessment in your children’s book bag for you to read over the weekend. You will have to sign to say you have read it on Monday.

Please make sure you have an Oyster card on equivalent.

On Monday please make sure that you are here by 9am.

I hope you’re all looking forward to it.


The start of an adventure…

We started the week by having a go at writing an adventure story and then looking closely at  one written to identify dramatic sentence starters, speech and paragraphs. These are things that we are going to learn more about over the following weeks.

We have been learning about angles and lines in Maths. What makes a right angle and what makes two line perpendicular or parallel to another. We finished the week designing drawings inspired by Mondrian.

Next week will be our second Rosendale Media Week. The theme this year is “Bringing stories to life”, and the children will be creating articles for the school magazine and multimedia content themed around the books in Rosendale Book Club.

We will be looking at how stories are brought to life using different media, such as animation, film and digital art.

In our class we will be using an app on the ipad called brushes to draw scenes from an adventure story.

You can follow the action on twitter by searching for #rosendalemediaweek17
The school magazine, Rosendale Voice, will be out at the end of the summer term. It will be jam packed with lots of fabulous writing and art, as well as links to all the multimedia content we make next week.

It’s getting closer and coming to an end.

Friday tomorrow, already? Wow what a speedy week.

In Maths we have had a go at doing lots of questions about fractions and found that we can all could forwards and backwards in fraction and most understand how to get 1/10 of a number but we have forgotten to get one part of a number/ amount when trying to work out more than one part.

It has helped many of us to remember by drawing out a block and dividing it into the denominator.

When we have to work out 3/5 of 30 we work out 1/5 first. In metacognition we have been thinking about visualisation. so visualise a cake and you have 30 smarties to put on. The cake is split into 5 pieces and each piece wants an equal amount. If you work out 1/5 first by dividing 30 by 5 = 6 then you can work out 3/5.

This might help explain it…


We have also been busy getting ready for our assembly. All the children have got words that have gone home to learn and if you can help with any costumes that would be wonderful. See the post below!


When is it? What do we need?

Our Assembly!

Please come and see what we have been learning on May the 9th at 9.30 in the Sports Hall. We have done our first rehearsal today and allocated parts for everyone.

We can let you know a little so that hopefully you can help us with costumes… We will need as many Romans as possible, although not everyone will be a Romans. A sheet, broaches and a belt will do.

Look forward to it!

How? Why? What? Who? Where? When?

This week we have been learning all about being a historian and asking questions about Roman Life. We don’t want to tell you too much as you will find out more in our class assembly. Although we can say… some of us may have to dress up as Romans. So far we have found out that this looks like a sheet draped over you and a belt except soldiers who seemed to have strong Armour to protect them. We might need some help getting this together.

These are some websites to help with our research

In Maths we have been learning more about fractions and thinking more deeply about which are greater than others.

Many of you may wonder what has happened to the weekly spelling list. We have gone through the year three list twice now so the children, through small tests are ticking off the words they know.

Here are both the year 3 and some of the year 2 words that some of us still need some practise of.

Spelling tick sheet for students

Finally in the next couple of weeks we are going to be starting a weaving project and need your help again. Is there any chance you have wool and medium thickness cardboard like the card for these below.