What a creative bunch!

2d shapes and 3d shapes taught us about team work and preserving.

This one was completed by a member of the class. After, they reflected. ‘ I’m not happy with it. I got distracted by talking and didn’t concentrate on keeping inside the lines. I find it hard not to get distracted. Next time I’m going to try and not talk so that I improve’. 

Designers in the making…

Over the past week, we have been thinking of the ingredients needed to make a great adventure story. We have been listening to Famous Five stories (some of which are in the Rosendale top 100) and a story called Sandy Cove.
Our stories at going to be featured in the Rosendale Magazine which will be published next term. It’s media week so we decided to use an app called Brushes and design our own front cover images for Sandy Cove. We looked at some of David Hockney’s amazing work before starting off. Await this space to see some of the work published!
In the mean time we’ve been planning our own stories. Below are some of the drawn plans we did to start.


We have also been learning a lot about lines and angles.

Watch this video and then see how many perpendicular and parallel lines you can see around you.


This week I also shared with the class that I was set a challenge that I couldn’t do on Monday. The challenge was to make an origami shirt. I was shown a video but it was to fast and I couldn’t keep up. 3EC watched the same video and also found it tricky to keep up. We discussed what could help us to complete the challenge. One of the ways we thought of was to find an easier version. The version below is the one we then watched. Many more of us were able to do it. Some of us need some more practise so I’m sharing it with you all. Can you do it? sit down together and have a go.


The start of an adventure…

We started the week by having a go at writing an adventure story and then looking closely at  one written to identify dramatic sentence starters, speech and paragraphs. These are things that we are going to learn more about over the following weeks.

We have been learning about angles and lines in Maths. What makes a right angle and what makes two line perpendicular or parallel to another. We finished the week designing drawings inspired by Mondrian.

Next week will be our second Rosendale Media Week. The theme this year is “Bringing stories to life”, and the children will be creating articles for the school magazine and multimedia content themed around the books in Rosendale Book Club.

We will be looking at how stories are brought to life using different media, such as animation, film and digital art.

In our class we will be using an app on the ipad called brushes to draw scenes from an adventure story.

You can follow the action on twitter by searching for #rosendalemediaweek17
The school magazine, Rosendale Voice, will be out at the end of the summer term. It will be jam packed with lots of fabulous writing and art, as well as links to all the multimedia content we make next week.

It’s getting closer and coming to an end.

Friday tomorrow, already? Wow what a speedy week.

In Maths we have had a go at doing lots of questions about fractions and found that we can all could forwards and backwards in fraction and most understand how to get 1/10 of a number but we have forgotten to get one part of a number/ amount when trying to work out more than one part.

It has helped many of us to remember by drawing out a block and dividing it into the denominator.

When we have to work out 3/5 of 30 we work out 1/5 first. In metacognition we have been thinking about visualisation. so visualise a cake and you have 30 smarties to put on. The cake is split into 5 pieces and each piece wants an equal amount. If you work out 1/5 first by dividing 30 by 5 = 6 then you can work out 3/5.

This might help explain it…


We have also been busy getting ready for our assembly. All the children have got words that have gone home to learn and if you can help with any costumes that would be wonderful. See the post below!


Could we write a poem about fractions

This week has been very busy! Half term seem a long time ago with the amount of learning that we have managed to fit in.

We are trying to get house point this term by presenting best our work at all times. It seemed fitting to start the term by writing up our non chronological reports. Here are some…


We then moved on to poetry, starting the learning writing a poem with similes in about Spring. We enjoyed working in our new teams to could up with ideas for some great similes before writing our own. After, we reflected on our learning. Many of us were proud that we had used some great similes but we knew we needed to short our phrases for our next poem. We wrote trying to remember to start a phrase on a new line.


We have been planning another poem and are looking forward to see how our learning has moved forward.


In Maths we have started to learn about Fractions. We have learnt a lot already. The images should give you an idea of what we have looked at so far, focusing this week on tenths.


We finished the week by completing portraits of special people in our lives. Get ready to see them at parents evening at the end of March!

Next week we start our readathon and have a book character dressing up day. (Please see the previous blog) I gave the children their logins for Rosendale’s Bookclub. Check it out over the weekend here

Hope you have a great weekend

Miss Conner

Time to rest

We accumulated the week and our unit on time by trying to solve word problems that involved working out time intervals. We will practise this in independent learning on the first week back after half term. If you, like some of 3 EC, feel like you are still not that confident at telling the time. Every time you see a clock have a go at reading the time and practise with the games that were posted at the beginning of the week. Another great thing to practise at home or whilst out and about over half term is finding change from money and our times tables. Remember, at the bottom of our blog there are links to some great websites that will help you learn these over half term.

In literacy we have finished writing our non chronological reports but have not managed to complete a final draft yet. Today, as requested by many of the children, we had a free writing session. This gave members of the class an opportunity to show of what they had learnt about over the term. Then they read through their work, edited and reflected on their strengths and weaknesses. Many of them thought that they could improve their adjectives and sentence starters. To help, reading fiction books over half term and discussing new meanings to the words they don’t know would help them. Why not check out the Rosendale book club!  Choose a book from the collection and after half term collect your login details from me to access your own page!

It has be great to see so many books all about the body appear in our classroom. We will continue for one more week after half term learning about our skeleton, muscle and the type of foods we need to stay healthy.

Finally, we are each working on a portrait of someone special to us. If the children would like to bring in a photo of that person after half term it will help them to create their masterpiece.

Have a fabulous break,

Miss Conner

A flower to a seed. How long does that take?

Oh and do you have dragon who can help?

Can you tell what we have been learning about?

Having learnt so much already about the different parts of a flowering plants and how pollen gets from one plant to another we continued to think about how seeds get into the ground. We worked together as a team to think of different ways by just looking at pictures of the seeds. Then after an attempt we learnt a little more information which helped us to group them.


Then we finally thought about the ongoing life cycle of a flowering plant.

So no dragons don’t help but we have been finding out about a strange dragon through reading what we now know as a non chronological report. We have delved into our own imaginary world where dragons exist and thought a great way to learn how to write a non chronological piece of writing would be to write about another dragon.

Here are some sketches that we did.


In maths we have been learning about time. I wonder how many clocks you see over the weekend and how many times you check your clock. Well see if a member of our class can help you.

Maybe they can explain why these posters have helped us…


Here is a video I have found to recap on some of the crucial things anyone must know to tell the time.

Telling the Time on an Analogue Clock

Finally, we have been thinking about the starting points to painting a great portrait.

First we made some silly portraits as a team…

Then we learnt how to draw features of a face. Here are table 5’s great efforts…

Have a great weekend,

Miss Conner