Music concert

On Monday the 3rd of July at 10:15am, we will be having our final mustirax concert of the year. It would be lovely to see you there if you can join us.


Spring has arrived early…maybe

Scientist have appeared in 3EC this week as the children have enjoyed testing ideas around what plants need to grow. We learnt that their were 5 things that plants needed to grow. We created some actions to help us remember them. If you see a member of our class see whether they can remember them! To test whether this was correct we  learnt that we need to do a control pot where the seeds had these things. We called this the control pot. Then, in our new teams we decided what idea we would test changing one thing only.

Here are some pictures of our test pots on the first day.



We also learnt about the transportation of water up through the roots and stems of a plant. To test this idea we have placed some celery in water with food colouring in. We look forward to seeing the results on Monday.


In maths we have started to learn how to use the grid method to work out more complex questions. Here is the method. (sorry for the direction)


Just a reminder we start music again on Monday. All recorders are in the classroom. Could you please try and get here by 8.55 as our lesson should start at 9am.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Conner

Forces to be reckoned with…

In our penultimate we have continued to work hard. We have finished off our stories inspired by the story of Black Dog where we showed off our knowledge of speech, past tense, use of interesting sentence starter and adjectives.

In Maths we have continued to learn about measuring and now know how to calculate the perimeter of polygons.

Here is video to help explain perimeter.

Look around the house and think about all the forces that you use to move objects. 3EC learnt about the push and pull forces that we use every day.


Today we have explored how magnets work, asking questions and finding out that they they have north and south poles that attract when the different ends are facing one another and repel when they are the same. Magnets do need to touch object to make them move. We were wowed when we found out that earth was like a giant magnet that pulls us to it surface with gravity. Did you know that it doesn’t matter how big a magnet is it matters only how strong it is.


We started the week with a music concert and since have had rehearsals for the Christmas singing concert at the All Saints Church next Wednesday afternoon.

It was great to see so many parents at parents evening.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Conner and the children of 3EC





Letters went out a while back and because of the wonderful Christmas fair I forgot to send out a reminder that we have a concert today in the KS2 hall at 10.15am.

Look forward to celebrating the hard work the children have put in learning their instruments this term.