Sharing our learning…

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Ask any member of year 3 for some interesting facts about European countries and they will be able to reel some off after each group became specialists on a particular country they then shared their learning with the rest of the year group.


Welcome back

I hope you have all had a restful half term. We changed our teams for the last time this year today and found out about some of the amazing things that we had done over the holiday.

We reminded each other how important our learning time was and what we need to do to help everyone learn.

Today we also thought about how small acts of kindness can help us all be happy and enjoy our time at School.

Lets hope that we have a term filled with happiness, hard work and kindness.

Where are you from?

As part of our One World Project, we are looking at the movement of humans across the globe. To assist us with our lesson tomorrow, it would helpful be if you could speak with your child this evening about where your family has come from. This could be where your immediate family has come from or where previous generations have emigrated from. We will then use this information during our lesson tomorrow.
The year 3 team.


Our World

As part of our project ‘One World’ we are going to be learning about walls and borders. We want to bring this learning to life for the children by constructing our own, year 3 wall! We are therefore in need of lots of junk materials like old cereal boxes, large milk cartons, any other boxes you might have.

We are also in the need of little figures such as lego men, so that the children can appreciate the scale of the wall!

If you could bring things in for Monday that would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

The year 3 team.

Other than all the books…

Other than all the book week events, our creative afternoon and the start to our one world project we have continued to look at onomatopoeia’s and making up phrases to describe sounds we hear at home.

In Maths we have carried on learning about fractions.

What we do to find out a tenth of an amount such as 34. Reminding our selves of what happens to a number when it is divided by 10 helped us. Look back at previous post or our Maths page to remind you. We have also been learning about adding two fractions together. Ask any member of 3EC to tell you why we don’t add together the denominator.

This weekend why not eat a pizza or slice up some fruit into equal pieces. What fraction of the slices will you eat? Keep reading and think about all the places in the world your family come from.

Have a great one,

Miss Conner

One World

Over the next few weeks we will be working on a project called ‘One World’. This covers parts of the physical geography curriculum such as looking at maps and locating places in the world. We will be looking at history and human geography such as the movement of people around the world and barriers such as The Great Wall of China. We will also be sensitively discussing the current refugee crisis. 

If your family have come from, or spent significant time, in another country it would be great if the children could share this in class. Any parents who have time to come in and talk to the class would also be very welcome. 

Thank you

The Year 3 team.