Creative Book Covers

Using an app called Brushes 3EC designed book covers for media week! Look out for some of them in the forthcoming Rosendale magazine.


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Where are you from?

After half term we are going to be learning about Europe as part of our geography curriculum. If any parents have links to other European countries we would love to hear from you. Maybe you have some objects or photos the children could bring in and share. Or maybe you would like to come and chat to the class.

We are also on the hunt for brightly coloured material as we hope to make flags. In particular red, blue, yellow and green.
Year 3 team

We guess you were wondering…

What we did you Monday?

3EC have been helping me write a blog post all about our trip…

On Monday, we went to the Museum of London to learn more about the Romans.

Before lunch, we went to the Roman gallery and looked at many things. There were different tools to make shoes, glass and carve wood. We also found out about how they made mosaics and food.

After lunch, we went to a workshop to look at artifacts from 2000 years ago. Each table got a different artifact to look at and feel. We had to try and work out what it was made from and what it was used for. Then we found out more about the objects. Some of the items we looked at were scrappers to clean yourself, oil lamps and broaches.

Finally we got to dress up Roman clothes. It was really fun! We saw what servants and the rich and wealthy got to wear.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came and big apologies for arriving back to school late. Our train was delayed as a train in front broke down.

How? Why? What? Who? Where? When?

This week we have been learning all about being a historian and asking questions about Roman Life. We don’t want to tell you too much as you will find out more in our class assembly. Although we can say… some of us may have to dress up as Romans. So far we have found out that this looks like a sheet draped over you and a belt except soldiers who seemed to have strong Armour to protect them. We might need some help getting this together.

These are some websites to help with our research

In Maths we have been learning more about fractions and thinking more deeply about which are greater than others.

Many of you may wonder what has happened to the weekly spelling list. We have gone through the year three list twice now so the children, through small tests are ticking off the words they know.

Here are both the year 3 and some of the year 2 words that some of us still need some practise of.

Spelling tick sheet for students

Finally in the next couple of weeks we are going to be starting a weaving project and need your help again. Is there any chance you have wool and medium thickness cardboard like the card for these below.

Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone!

We have settled well into the Summer term and jumped straight into a new history project learning about the Romans!

Over the next few weeks we will be learning about the impact the Roman empire had on Britain. The children will learn about the successful invasion by Claudius, about Hadrian’s wall, British resistance from such people as Boudica and the technology, culture and beliefs we inherited from the Romans.

A few notes for your diary, on the 9th of May at 9.30am will be our class assembly and on the 22nd of May, we will be going to find out more about the Romans at the Museum of London. The children will have the chance to look around the gallery and then have a guided workshop called ‘Roman Costume’ More details will go out about this nearer the time.

In maths we are looking at fractions again, this week concentrating on equivalent fractions. For example, 1/2 is the same as 2/4. The children will be introduced to the fraction wall to help them see this more easily.
Have a go at this equivalent fractions game to test your knowledge, or Match the fractions here. Finally, try this one… splat!
Remember to keep up the reading! Rosendale bookclub passwords and some logins have changed so please come and see me to get yours from me to explore some of the wonderful books. Also keep practising your times tables remember by the end of year 3 you  should know all your times tables up to 5 plus your 8’s and 10’s.

Our World

As part of our project ‘One World’ we are going to be learning about walls and borders. We want to bring this learning to life for the children by constructing our own, year 3 wall! We are therefore in need of lots of junk materials like old cereal boxes, large milk cartons, any other boxes you might have.

We are also in the need of little figures such as lego men, so that the children can appreciate the scale of the wall!

If you could bring things in for Monday that would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

The year 3 team.

Time to rest

We accumulated the week and our unit on time by trying to solve word problems that involved working out time intervals. We will practise this in independent learning on the first week back after half term. If you, like some of 3 EC, feel like you are still not that confident at telling the time. Every time you see a clock have a go at reading the time and practise with the games that were posted at the beginning of the week. Another great thing to practise at home or whilst out and about over half term is finding change from money and our times tables. Remember, at the bottom of our blog there are links to some great websites that will help you learn these over half term.

In literacy we have finished writing our non chronological reports but have not managed to complete a final draft yet. Today, as requested by many of the children, we had a free writing session. This gave members of the class an opportunity to show of what they had learnt about over the term. Then they read through their work, edited and reflected on their strengths and weaknesses. Many of them thought that they could improve their adjectives and sentence starters. To help, reading fiction books over half term and discussing new meanings to the words they don’t know would help them. Why not check out the Rosendale book club!  Choose a book from the collection and after half term collect your login details from me to access your own page!

It has be great to see so many books all about the body appear in our classroom. We will continue for one more week after half term learning about our skeleton, muscle and the type of foods we need to stay healthy.

Finally, we are each working on a portrait of someone special to us. If the children would like to bring in a photo of that person after half term it will help them to create their masterpiece.

Have a fabulous break,

Miss Conner

A flower to a seed. How long does that take?

Oh and do you have dragon who can help?

Can you tell what we have been learning about?

Having learnt so much already about the different parts of a flowering plants and how pollen gets from one plant to another we continued to think about how seeds get into the ground. We worked together as a team to think of different ways by just looking at pictures of the seeds. Then after an attempt we learnt a little more information which helped us to group them.


Then we finally thought about the ongoing life cycle of a flowering plant.

So no dragons don’t help but we have been finding out about a strange dragon through reading what we now know as a non chronological report. We have delved into our own imaginary world where dragons exist and thought a great way to learn how to write a non chronological piece of writing would be to write about another dragon.

Here are some sketches that we did.


In maths we have been learning about time. I wonder how many clocks you see over the weekend and how many times you check your clock. Well see if a member of our class can help you.

Maybe they can explain why these posters have helped us…


Here is a video I have found to recap on some of the crucial things anyone must know to tell the time.

Telling the Time on an Analogue Clock

Finally, we have been thinking about the starting points to painting a great portrait.

First we made some silly portraits as a team…

Then we learnt how to draw features of a face. Here are table 5’s great efforts…

Have a great weekend,

Miss Conner