What a rocking week

We started the week with an explosion of children in the classroom recreating how rocks are formed and reformed over time.


Then we went to The Horniman Museum to find out how fossils were formed and the different types of fossils we can get.









In literacy we have been looking at using adjectives in poetry, learning new vocabulary and having a go at writing our own.

As we end our two weeks of learning about place value in Maths, we begin learning about addition and subtraction of up to three digit numbers from a 3 digit number. We had some frustration at not being able to do this yesterday but by the end of today we had started our journey to learning how mentally we can.

We also started to think about how we learn and what can help us learn by starting a new skill, sowing.

With no help just the equipment we had a go at trying to work out how to do it and thought about what would help us learn.







Thank you for all the fantastic rocks and fossils you have brought into the class. We’re building up a great collection….


Another collection to bear in mind as discussed in class, the challenge is to see how many conkers we can collect.

Have fun this weekend

Trip underground?

Thank you for all those that have given your letter back for the trip next Wednesday 28th. If you have misplaced it you can come and get another from the classroom.

So we are learning about the rocks underneath our feet but have you got a rock or pebble at home that you have collected? Or can you find one this weekend. Can you tell its story? where did you find it? Where do you think it came from? What is it’s story? Bring it in to show the class next week.

The Story so far…

It has been a busy start to the term. In Literacy we have been inspired by the story of Gregory Cool by Caroline Binch. We have written letters home and diary entries to describe how the character feels about his time in a place that is very different to home.

Here is one diary entry from a member of the class….


In Maths we have been learning about the value of each digit in a number. Please visit our Maths Page to find out more. Here are some photos of us at work and some examples of the learning we have completed.

Value of digits.

Ordering and comparing

Finally, we thought about this statement and gave our thoughts


This lead into finding out that we would be learning about rocks. Where they come from and how are they formed. Next week we will be finding out more… await this space.

Hopefully you all received a trip letter. It will be next Wednesday 28th September. Please return the money and letter together.