We guess you were wondering…

What we did you Monday?

3EC have been helping me write a blog post all about our trip…

On Monday, we went to the Museum of London to learn more about the Romans.

Before lunch, we went to the Roman gallery and looked at many things. There were different tools to make shoes, glass and carve wood. We also found out about how they made mosaics and food.

After lunch, we went to a workshop to look at artifacts from 2000 years ago. Each table got a different artifact to look at and feel. We had to try and work out what it was made from and what it was used for. Then we found out more about the objects. Some of the items we looked at were scrappers to clean yourself, oil lamps and broaches.

Finally we got to dress up Roman clothes. It was really fun! We saw what servants and the rich and wealthy got to wear.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came and big apologies for arriving back to school late. Our train was delayed as a train in front broke down.


Trip Information

Thank you to all for getting your letters back so quickly.

I have had lots of adults saying they would like to come.

Parents coming are:

Belen’s Mum, Shiloh’s Mum, Lyla – Rose’s Mum, Otone’s Dad, Dylan’s Dad, Thea’s Aunt.

I will put put a copy of the risk assessment in your children’s book bag for you to read over the weekend. You will have to sign to say you have read it on Monday.

Please make sure you have an Oyster card on equivalent.

On Monday please make sure that you are here by 9am.

I hope you’re all looking forward to it.


Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone!

We have settled well into the Summer term and jumped straight into a new history project learning about the Romans!

Over the next few weeks we will be learning about the impact the Roman empire had on Britain. The children will learn about the successful invasion by Claudius, about Hadrian’s wall, British resistance from such people as Boudica and the technology, culture and beliefs we inherited from the Romans.

A few notes for your diary, on the 9th of May at 9.30am will be our class assembly and on the 22nd of May, we will be going to find out more about the Romans at the Museum of London. The children will have the chance to look around the gallery and then have a guided workshop called ‘Roman Costume’ More details will go out about this nearer the time.

In maths we are looking at fractions again, this week concentrating on equivalent fractions. For example, 1/2 is the same as 2/4. The children will be introduced to the fraction wall to help them see this more easily.
Have a go at this equivalent fractions game to test your knowledge, or Match the fractions here. Finally, try this one… splat!
Remember to keep up the reading! Rosendale bookclub passwords and some logins have changed so please come and see me to get yours from me to explore some of the wonderful books. Also keep practising your times tables remember by the end of year 3 you  should know all your times tables up to 5 plus your 8’s and 10’s.

A great end to the week!

Thank you to all parents that accompanied us on the trip we all had a wonderful day being scientist.

Throughout the week we have been writing our own stories inspired by a fairy tale. The children can up with some great ideas for changing the plot line and showed they have learnt a lot about inverted commas and use of great sentence starters.

Our classroom turned into a french cafe this week. Have a look on the French blog to see a video of the conversations that were had.


Next week we look forward to celebrating Chinese New Year.


Please look at the Maths page as it has been updated this week and looks at what we have been learning. I have also updated the section that says how you can help.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Conner


We are all looking forward to the trip tomorrow. If you are helping us could you make sure you are in the school by 9.50 as we will be leaving at 9.55.
Train at 10:24am
Session 11:30am – 12:30pm
Lunch 12:30pm – 1pm
Miss Conner

Last week…


After a few days these were the results of our cress experiment. Can you work out which ones didn’t work?

We have been learning ‘The Story of Charlie,’ to help us to learn about the structure and features of fairy tale stories with a focus particularly on the use of inverted commas to highlight speech and the use of interesting sentence starters.

In Maths we have been learning the grid method for multiplication of two digit numbers by a one digit number, this week we will be looking at ways to work our the inverse, division.

Thank you to an overwhelming number of parents who have said they can come on the trip.

I have had to pick out a hat! The following children’s parents have been selected. Please let me know if you can no longer make it.

Monty, Marylyn, Lyla-Rose, Tom, Otone, Rosa



Trip alert

Today the children should have received a letter about a trip on the 20th January to The Natural History Museum. Please make sure you return your letters as soon as possible. If you are available to support the class in their learning that day and getting them to and from the museum let me know on the form.

I am on a course tomorrow so someone else will be covering the class in the morning.

See you on Wednesday


What a rocking week

We started the week with an explosion of children in the classroom recreating how rocks are formed and reformed over time.


Then we went to The Horniman Museum to find out how fossils were formed and the different types of fossils we can get.









In literacy we have been looking at using adjectives in poetry, learning new vocabulary and having a go at writing our own.

As we end our two weeks of learning about place value in Maths, we begin learning about addition and subtraction of up to three digit numbers from a 3 digit number. We had some frustration at not being able to do this yesterday but by the end of today we had started our journey to learning how mentally we can.

We also started to think about how we learn and what can help us learn by starting a new skill, sowing.

With no help just the equipment we had a go at trying to work out how to do it and thought about what would help us learn.







Thank you for all the fantastic rocks and fossils you have brought into the class. We’re building up a great collection….


Another collection to bear in mind as discussed in class, the challenge is to see how many conkers we can collect.

Have fun this weekend