Our World

As part of our project ‘One World’ we are going to be learning about walls and borders. We want to bring this learning to life for the children by constructing our own, year 3 wall! We are therefore in need of lots of junk materials like old cereal boxes, large milk cartons, any other boxes you might have.

We are also in the need of little figures such as lego men, so that the children can appreciate the scale of the wall!

If you could bring things in for Monday that would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

The year 3 team.

Other than all the books…

Other than all the book week events, our creative afternoon and the start to our one world project we have continued to look at onomatopoeia’s and making up phrases to describe sounds we hear at home.

In Maths we have carried on learning about fractions.

What we do to find out a tenth of an amount such as 34. Reminding our selves of what happens to a number when it is divided by 10 helped us. Look back at previous post or our Maths page to remind you. We have also been learning about adding two fractions together. Ask any member of 3EC to tell you why we don’t add together the denominator.

This weekend why not eat a pizza or slice up some fruit into equal pieces. What fraction of the slices will you eat? Keep reading and think about all the places in the world your family come from.

Have a great one,

Miss Conner

Time to rest

We accumulated the week and our unit on time by trying to solve word problems that involved working out time intervals. We will practise this in independent learning on the first week back after half term. If you, like some of 3 EC, feel like you are still not that confident at telling the time. Every time you see a clock have a go at reading the time and practise with the games that were posted at the beginning of the week. Another great thing to practise at home or whilst out and about over half term is finding change from money and our times tables. Remember, at the bottom of our blog there are links to some great websites that will help you learn these over half term.

In literacy we have finished writing our non chronological reports but have not managed to complete a final draft yet. Today, as requested by many of the children, we had a free writing session. This gave members of the class an opportunity to show of what they had learnt about over the term. Then they read through their work, edited and reflected on their strengths and weaknesses. Many of them thought that they could improve their adjectives and sentence starters. To help, reading fiction books over half term and discussing new meanings to the words they don’t know would help them. Why not check out the Rosendale book club!  Choose a book from the collection and after half term collect your login details from me to access your own page!

It has be great to see so many books all about the body appear in our classroom. We will continue for one more week after half term learning about our skeleton, muscle and the type of foods we need to stay healthy.

Finally, we are each working on a portrait of someone special to us. If the children would like to bring in a photo of that person after half term it will help them to create their masterpiece.

Have a fabulous break,

Miss Conner

Time is ticking

We have worked hard at trying to remember how to tell the time in both analogue (thinking about how we say a time) and digital (how it is written in numbers). Most of us feel confident when we look at a clock that has the digital time of 09:20 am we know we would say: ‘It’s twenty past nine in the morning’

However, if the digital time was 09:40 am some get confused because we now have to talk about the hour that the minutes are going to.  ‘It’s twenty to ten in the morning’.

To help we know we need to practise looking at analogue and digital clocks at home and telling the time. We need our families to help us to. Look at the previous post on time and the video below.

Telling the time