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A little reminder…

Class Photographs – Wednesday 7 June
Just a reminder that the school photographer is coming into school on Wednesday to take our end of year class photo.  Please make sure your child is in school on time and in school uniform on Wednesday – thank you.
School is closed – Thursday 8 June
As the premises are being used as a Polling Station for the General Election, school is closed to all children on Thursday.

Welcome back

I hope you have all had a restful half term. We changed our teams for the last time this year today and found out about some of the amazing things that we had done over the holiday.

We reminded each other how important our learning time was and what we need to do to help everyone learn.

Today we also thought about how small acts of kindness can help us all be happy and enjoy our time at School.

Lets hope that we have a term filled with happiness, hard work and kindness.

To sum up…

Its been a week of finishing off and revisiting.

We have finished our adventure stories ready to go in to the Rosendale Magazine and revisited fractions to remind ourselves of how to compare fractions and work out a fraction of an amount.

We have also spent the last part of the week revisiting what it takes to be a great learner and how we can help others to be ready to learn and be respectful of others.


We have also been having fun class building games outside every afternoon to help us remember if we work hard at our learning then we have time for lots of fun too!

Finally, we got a treat today from our buddy readers who came up to share some cakes with us. Thank you RBH!


Have a wonderful week off.

Miss Conner

Where are you from?

After half term we are going to be learning about Europe as part of our geography curriculum. If any parents have links to other European countries we would love to hear from you. Maybe you have some objects or photos the children could bring in and share. Or maybe you would like to come and chat to the class.

We are also on the hunt for brightly coloured material as we hope to make flags. In particular red, blue, yellow and green.
Year 3 team

We guess you were wondering…

What we did you Monday?

3EC have been helping me write a blog post all about our trip…

On Monday, we went to the Museum of London to learn more about the Romans.

Before lunch, we went to the Roman gallery and looked at many things. There were different tools to make shoes, glass and carve wood. We also found out about how they made mosaics and food.

After lunch, we went to a workshop to look at artifacts from 2000 years ago. Each table got a different artifact to look at and feel. We had to try and work out what it was made from and what it was used for. Then we found out more about the objects. Some of the items we looked at were scrappers to clean yourself, oil lamps and broaches.

Finally we got to dress up Roman clothes. It was really fun! We saw what servants and the rich and wealthy got to wear.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came and big apologies for arriving back to school late. Our train was delayed as a train in front broke down.

What a creative bunch!

2d shapes and 3d shapes taught us about team work and preserving.

This one was completed by a member of the class. After, they reflected. ‘ I’m not happy with it. I got distracted by talking and didn’t concentrate on keeping inside the lines. I find it hard not to get distracted. Next time I’m going to try and not talk so that I improve’.